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Wine Crate Coffee Table

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wine tables

wine tables

Wine Crate Coffee Table is a concept that presents a different concept to the other, and finally finished making a coffee table with touch and taste that I want with the concept of modern and beautiful. To do so and make a creative move as :

You need to set up a coffee table leg. Here is a concept presented by the feel of the table with the combined concept with laptop and along with print, so legs and getting a lot of force to push the foots tool and I think first make a simple coffee table. The concept of free coffee and with a few pieces of wood you can use together fairly easily. The thing you should do is to sketch some pictures to build your own table and then create a concept with new ideas and interesting as you want and it is your original work. I saw online someone has taken an old wine crate and put casters on the bottom. Materials – The materials required in order to support and create a beautiful and interesting concept:


  • 4 piece of wood
  • Make use of 4 Pine
  • 4 Adhesive Glue

Optional Ingredients:

  • Figure to use to provide a sketch of an idea and creativity you in giving your concepts and ideas online
  • Mod Podge Matte Finish ~
  • Stain
  • Various screws, nails, L brackets, and bolts
  • Satin Polyurethane

You can use the concept of Wine Crate Coffee Table.

apple crate coffee table

apple crate coffee table

vintage wine crates

vintage wine crates

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